FRANKly 2024: Call for Articles

The FRANKly is the annual journal of the German Fulbright Alumni Association. In addition to reporting on the association’s regional, national, and international activities, the publication serves as a platform for current Fulbrighters and alumni from the ‘One Fulbright Community’ to share your fascinating experiences, witty opinions, unique perspectives, and thoughtful insights.

The 2024 Call for Articles is here and we are thrilled to announce this year’s theme: Navigating Crossroads

Crossroads in Udine, Province of Udine, Italy. Photo by Gabriele Tirelli on Unsplash.
Crossroads in Udine, Province of Udine, Italy. Photo by Gabriele Tirelli on Unsplash.

Everyday, we find ourselves at crossroads requiring us to make choices. Some are small and have little impact on our lives. Others change us forever, like taking a new job or going abroad and immersing ourselves in a new culture. And others yet again resonate throughout the world.

The FRANKly 2024 welcomes contributions that explore different crossroads, big and small, and the creative and brave ways we can navigate them. What is the significance of conscious choice for you and what does this mean in the world we live in? What are the crossroads you personally find yourself at? And what are the lessons we can learn from them?

The crossroads we have to navigate in 2024 seem endless. Wars and conflicts, the many grievances within our societies and the ever-present threat of the climate crisis create within us the wish for peace and stability, for justice and equality. How can our choices contribute to bringing these about, changing the world for the better? With another U.S. as well as European Parliament elections and others ahead of us, the question of making decisions becomes very straightforward. The choices we will make will impact not just the transatlantic world, but the world at large. Recent attacks on our democratic order have shown that merely living in democracies is not enough to keep them alive. We need to recognize the importance our everyday choices have in both making our societies more resilient as well as in shaping our own lives. We need to see the crossroads we are facing and do our best to navigate them.

Articles exhibiting a connection to the expansive ‘One Fulbright Community’ from across the globe are welcome, as are articles with creative approaches of how our main theme resonates with you personally. When submitting your article, please provide 2-3 sentences about yourself in third person and a headshot. Authors are encouraged to submit images (3-6 images) that support their article, including the photographer’s name and a caption. Articles may range in length from 3,000-12,000 characters (including spaces) and should be written in American English.

The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2024. Please send all questions, ideas, and contributions to Jana Frey via email at

Your Editorial Team,

Jana Frey and Vera Fuller