Since 2006 the German Fulbright Alumni Association has given a substantial annual donation to the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the German-American Fulbright Program (VFF). This donation is dedicated to finance several additional grants in the Diversity Initiative administered by the German Fulbright Commission. 

This Initiative is targeted at high school graduates (Abiturienten) with an immigrant background. Thanks to the program, they attend a five- or six-week summer school at an American university in order to improve their English language skills and to enhance their academic and intercultural competences. The program also aims at offering the students a chance to personally experience the “American way of life”. 

The German Fulbright Alumni Association is proud to say that our annual donations have provided additional grants to highly qualified and motivated students with a migration background. We believe these donations are a good way for us to contribute to the objectives of the Fulbright Program: to promote cross-cultural communication and to further international understanding.

Our contribution to the Diversity Initiative is financed largely by membership fees as well as by donations made to our Association by our members and other individuals or organizations.

Learn more about the Diversity Initiative on the Fulbright Commission’s website.

Enterprise Scholarships

Between 1999 and 2006 the Fulbright Alumni Association also donated to further German-American academic exchange. We contributed to the Enterprise Scholarship program, which provided additional funds for Fulbright grantees via the Association of Friends and Sponsors. This program was the predecessor to the Diversity Initiative.