Mulert Award

Applications for the 2023 Mulert Award are open. Please apply here via a quick and short online form.

Annual Award Information

Each year, the German Fulbright Alumni Association bestows the Mulert Award to the applicant who best fulfills the project criteria of the motto of the award: mutual understanding. The Call for Applicants is released annually via our member newsletter and is published under the news section on our website.

The winner of the Mulert Award is announced either at our Winter Ball or at an alternative event, and a press release is published online. This event provides a stage for the winner to personally give a presentation of the project.
Along with this opportunity, the prize package includes travel to the award ceremony within the EU. Furthermore, it’ll be featured, together with a short biography of the laureate, in our yearly member’s magazine FRANKly and on our website. And last but not least, the prize money for the awarded project has been doubled in 2022 to 1000€.

Founder of the Fulbright Alumni Association –
The Life of Juergen Mulert

After half a year of planning and preparation, the Association was founded in Frankfurt am Main on January 24, 1986. Countless returnees from prior years were contacted, and Mulert and fiften others were the inaugural members.

There were several reasons for choosing Frankfurt as the Association’s home. It was the geographical center of Germany, many committed Fulbrighters were gathered there, and last but not least, a (Fulbright-) law office there supported the Association in notarial matters. One year later, Juergen moved to Frankfurt to work at the city’s main university.

New Frontiers

In addition to those within the Associations he founded, he has held many voluntary positions. He was lay judge at the Administrative Court in Stuttgart from 1975 to 1980, lay judge at the Administrative Court in Weimar from 1997, and in various committees of the Chamber of Commerce. Law, principally the law of the Roman Empire, was his passion. He revered the Humanists and wrote these few lines called the THE DIOGENES DECLARATION: Do it out of general esteem for Mankind.

Talents and Passions

He spoke English and French fluently, revered Jacques Rousseau, Charles Dickens, Maria Callas and the Beatles.

Italy was the country which most attracted him, and he decided to hike from Erfurt to Rome over two weeks every summer. For each successive year, he would continue the hike where he left it the year before.

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