Ice Hockey: Eisbären vs. Adler Mannheim


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin 10555
Mercedes Platz, Berlin

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Quite a few people have already booked tickets in the “Stehplatz” category (Unterrang, Hartmut Nickel Kurve / Stehplatz / Fankurve for 13-18 EUR/person) for the ice hockey match between the “Eisbären” and the “Adler Mannheim” on February 2nd. However, the website for the ticketing was down for a while and tickets in the “Stehplatz” category already sold out. Therefore, a few members have already booked tickets in other sections. We recommend the following if you are interested: Book tickets in the ranks close to the “Fankurve” (not as cheap, though) or come to the stadium and try to get some tickets on the ground from private sellers.

To have a joint ice hockey experience regardless of seating, it would be nice to meet at “Five Guys” at 6:00pm for some pre-gaming.

Additional tickets can be purchased here:

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One Fulbright Community: Eisbären Berlin vs. Adler Mannheim (Ice Hockey Match)
When: Friday, February 2nd, at 6:00pm
Where: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin
Meeting Spot: Outside “Five Guys” (GC4V+48 Berlin)
Notes: Tickets have to be purchased individually in the “Stehplatz” category (Unterrang, Hartmut Nickel Kurve / Stehplatz / Fankurve for 13-18 EUR/person). Please make sure that you obtain a ticket while signing up and join the group at the Arena in front of “Five Guys” at 18:00h for some Fulbrighter pre-gaming. The match starts at 19:30h.

Alex, Genevieve and Ali
[Regional Coordinators – Fulbright Alumni e.V. – Berlin Chapter]