Fulbright Alumni e.V. Mentoring Program for US Grantees 2022 – Get a Fulbright Alumni Mentor for your time in Germany

Dear Fulbright US Grantee,

Welcome to Germany!

We, the Fulbright Alumni e.V. in Germany, are launching this year’s “Fulbright Alumni e.V. Mentoring Program for US Grantees 2022.” Many Fulbright Germany Alumni registered as mentors for this year’s program and can’t wait to personally welcome and support you in your regional community in Germany.

If you sign up for this program, you will become a “mentee” and will be matched locally with one of our mentors for your time in Germany. Our mentors have very diverse academic and professional backgrounds and a wide range of hobbies and interests. They have lived and worked in Germany for most of their lives. The matching process will consider factors such as your location, background, hobbies and interests to ensure a fruitful and regular in-person exchange in your regional community.

Take this unique opportunity to get in touch with a local German right from the beginning and discover the benefits of your regional community! Get to know German habits and culture from first hand experience and meet up with your mentor for different occasions. You could visit their city and get to know their family, join them for one day at work or practice a common hobby together – details are totally up to you and your mentor. Develop a German-American friendship, strengthen your German language skills with a native or just have a local that may help you when need be.

Our Expectation for you as Mentee:

Aligned with the Fulbright mission, we expect all mentees to be excited by personal transatlantic exchange, to be open-minded and curious on what your mentor wants to show you and be available to meet from time to time. The same goes for our mentors.


The program starts with a Mentee/Mentor Kick-Off Event, that requires your participation. It is a virtual event and takes place after the Welcome Meeting. Further information will be announced.

Later this year, we have the “Get-Together in December”. The matched pairs meet locally in advance (e.g. at your mentor’s place), and dial in together to an online meeting with all other Mentors and Mentees. The event is scheduled for December (tbd) and is supposed to last approx. 1 hour. The event is scheduled according to local Christmas markets. Subsequent to the online meeting, you can thus enjoy a real German Christmas market experience with your mentor.

We will provide financial support for travel expenses for the Get-Together event, pending prior agreement with us (details will be sent to registered mentees/mentors).

Additional regular mentor-mentee meetings are strongly encouraged and will be scheduled at the discretion and availability of the individual.

Registration for the program:

Did we spark your interest and you want to be part of this fantastic experience? Then please register to receive a FAeV mentor below.

The deadline for registration is October 2, 2022 at 11:59PM. Further details will be announced shortly after the registration deadline. See you soon!